6 Ways to Save Money on Interior Design
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6 Ways to Save Money on Interior Design

After Kearney Auctioneers helped you buy the perfect residential property, you should probably start thinking about interior design. Obviously, you will want to make your home look cosy and give it a personal touch. However, this can be very expensive, especially if you decide to hire a professional interior designer. However, if you decide to use your creativity and decorate your home by yourself, here are 6 ways to save money on interior design:

Make a plan

The first thing you will need when it comes to interior design is a proper plan. Being organised will save you time and money. Use the internet or professional magazines to find your personal style. Do you want a vintage or a modern house? Do you love strong colours or you prefer pastels? Whatever your tastes are, make a list of ideas and start planning the décor of each room.

Start with the smallest rooms

It is advisable to start with the smaller rooms such as the corridors or the front door space. Try to keep these areas simple and neat, but don’t make them look boring. A nice mirror, a piece of art or a beautiful carpet can really make the difference. However, try not to over clutter small rooms, as it will make the house look smaller than it is.

Redesign your old furniture

If you have some old furniture, think twice before throwing it away. It can be restored with a low budget and it can give your home a touch of originality. Restoring wood furniture or using a coat of paint on headboards and mirror frames can work miracles. You could also change the covers of your old couch or use accessories such as colourful pillows to give a fresh look to your old furniture. If the house you bought is already furnished, make good use of accessories and colour to give it that “home” aspect.

Use websites and garage sales

There is no need to buy all your things from one place. Try more options not in order to save money and have a wider range of options. When people are in a rush to move, they tend to sell expensive furniture at lower prices. It is not a bad idea to hunt these offers if you really want to create the home of your dreams on a lower budget.

Think carefully when choosing colours

We all know that every season, there’s a new trend in terms of colours. However, before buying an orange couch or painting a wall in bright pink, think twice! Your love for that colour might fade away in a few months and you will end up redecorating. It is advisable to keep the walls and the big elements of the house in neutral colours and play with accessories such as curtains, carpets and pillows to add colour to your home.

Use natural products

Natural products like wood, sea grass, hemp and greenery are becoming a trend. Combining different textures and elements will give your house a touch of originality. Plus, with a little bit of inspiration from interior design magazines, you can decorate you house with a variety of natural element while sticking to your budget.