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Things to expect from a prospective buyer at a viewing

When you are selling your home you are going to be opening it up to people, strangers essentially, to come in and have a look around.

These people will want to know everything (and see everything) about your home that may have an impact on them should they decide to buy it. So prepare yourself for those questions and strange requests that can crop up when it comes to viewings.

Snooping a look in your cupboards

It might sound a little intrusive, but there is a good chance that a viewer will want to take a look in some of the cupboards, cabinets and hidey holes that you have around your home.

The kitchen in particular is an area that will often be targeted by viewers, after all people will want to make sure that there is going to be room for all the things that they will be bringing with them.

When it comes to a viewing people will often be tempted to pop items away in the cupboards to make sure that the house looks clean and clear. Remember that there is a chance that they may take a sneaky peek and not only discover your secrets but also see your things spill out all over the floor.

What’s the history of the house?

You might be able to clean away the cobwebs in the home but you can’t dust away the history of the property. This is especially true if you own an older property; and you are likely to be faced with questions by your prospective buyers.
Structural problems, previous occupants and other historical issues may crop up and being honest with the buyers is key! No matter what skeletons might be hiding in the closet.

What are the neighbours like?

If someone is looking for the home of their dreams then there is a chance that they will want to make sure that everything is going to be great about the property, even down to the neighbours.
You might be asked questions not only about the people who live near to you but also any other sources of nuisance or irritation that might crop up. Traffic noise, shops, pubs and even noisy pets in the street; it is best to be honest when it comes to these things as then the buyer can make their decision and also prepare for it if they really do like your home.

Where are the local schools/shops/bus stops?

Being close to all the local amenities is important to some and therefore you might be asked where the nearest shop is. There is also a good chance that the buyers may ask you about local schools an easy question to answer if you already have children, but something you might not know if you don’t!

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