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Top questions to ask an estate agent before you sign up

When it comes to selling your property one of the most important things is which estate agent you pick. There are countless options out there for you to select and they will all offer you a variety of benefits that may make it hard for you to pick.

Ultimately the decision is yours and one way to help you to make it is to have a list of questions to ask the agents that you see in order to ascertain which one is right for you.

Here at Kearney Auctioneers we have put together our guide to find the right estate agent for you.

Do they have experience in homes like yours?

Estate agents have experience in selling different properties. Some specialise in large country homes whereas others may focus on modern apartments; so make sure that they have experience in selling a property like yours.

Where do they advertise?

In order to sell your home, it needs to be advertised on the right channels. There are a variety of large online databases of properties and in order to reach the maximum people possible so ensure that they are able to showcase your property on at least one of these.

Are they a member of a regulatory body?

Just like many other businesses, estate agents can sign up to a regulatory body. This means that they agree to take on a code of practice and only offer quality service to their customers. Examples of regulatory bodies are National Association of Estate Agents, Guild of Professional Estate Agents or perhaps the Ombudsman for Estate Agents.

How do they present properties?

As well as the channels that they advertise on, how they present your property is vital in attracting viewers. Ask to see examples of advertisements and brochures that they have put together for other properties. This means that you can see the type of photos that they take as well as the wording they use in their advertisements.

How much do they cost?

One thing is for sure, there will be a fee associated in using an estate agent. Most will charge around 1 to 3 per cent of the sale price of the property. You may want to check out if there are any other hidden costs associated to listing your property such as online advertising.

Finding the right estate agent doesn’t have to be difficult and it is important to remember that if you pick one and find that they are not working out then  you can always find another one that will.

Alongside your search for an estate agent why not have a look at Kearney Auctioneers? We have a wide range of properties on our website which will show you exactly what type of homes are up for sale in your area and the prices that they are being sold for.